About us

My name is Alexandra Rogister, founder and creative director of Stone Brigade which launched November 2016.

It is a label for women inspired by freedom, art, poetry, flowers, authenticity and a love of all things.

Stone Brigade is very much about the modern bohemian. Living in the now with a touch of Nostalgia.

Extra love and thoughts are added in each individual pieces. They are designed in Byron bay, sourced and produced in Indonesia by an incredible team of women. Prints and colours are inspired by travels or vintage treasures I collected along the way or paintings that caught my eyes.

Each garment is named after a family member, a dear friend, an artist or song I love. Family is everything and I am very lucky to have grown up in a community of my own with 3 brothers and 9 sisters.

Having these amazing women as sisters motivates me to create another community with Stone Brigade where we empower each other.

I am so thankful watching you take each garment on a journey of its own and  hoping you will always feel your beautiful empowered self wearing it.

Dream on, be bold and Love more always.

 Alex Xxx